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Simply ask incoming sales people if they'd like to introduce themselves they can reach you directly at your pitch.Me profile or ask the people you're trying to reach to have that first conversation by inviting them to connect with you in this new way.

Be available and post your needs.

Have specific needs for your business? Post your needs and allow sales professionals to respond directly to those needs. In addition, salespeople can set alerts when the pitch.Me community posts a need that their company can fulfill.

Brandon JamesPeople get fifteen minutes of my time. I get the information I need to grow my business. My favorite charity reaps all the benefits. I'm in love with pitch.Me.
Brandon James
Entrepreneur | Long Beach, CA

Doing what you already do everyday can now go to help causes around the world.

Anytime a conversation happens on the pitch.Me platform, a charity is benefiting. With partnerships with Stripe, OrgHunter and MakeMyDonation, donations are secure and go directly to the charity.


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